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A test to predict likely tumor behavior
Detailed Product Description BluePrint,* a molecular subtyping test, analyzes the activity of 80 genes to enable stratification of the tumor into one of the three following subtypes: Luminal-type, HER2-type† and Basal-type.‡ By combining MammaPrint and BluePrint, patients can be stratified into the following four subgroups: Luminal-type/MammaPrint Low Risk (Luminal A§); Luminal-type/MammaPrint High Risk (Luminal B||); HER2-type and Basal-type patients.
Each breast cancer subtype is markedly different in its degree of aggressiveness, long-term outcome, and response to chemotherapy. With subtype information, provided by BluePrint in combination with MammaPrint, physicians are better informed to make decisions about a patient’s specific options, thereby personalizing her treatment.