Global Health Care Group

Putting the health and safety of patients as top priority,
we make ethical management with professional knowledge and skills

“Sunlight only sparks when one focus is gathered.”
– Bell –

HyupJin corporation, as an marketer/importer of healthcare products, has developed and imported essential products from prominent companies in U.S.A. and Europe in the treatment of rare diseases such as SAA, ALL, mRCC and other cancers since the establishment with its former name, Dai Ho Corporation in 1975.

For about 40 years of our devotion in medical markets and communities, we have built concrete relationship with healthcare professionals as well as pharmacies, and have built up our own knowledge and know-hows in medical communities as well.

HyupJin's aim is to develop and supply essential healthcare products that satisfy evolving needs of patients looking forward to innovative treatment options.

Putting focus on specific diseases of hematology, oncology, and orphan drug areas, HyupJin has made a consistent effort for the treatment of incurable diseases along with improvement of quality of life for patients.